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Enjoying the Holidays with Loved Ones Who Have Alzheimer’s Starts With You

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The holidays are approaching and November reminds us that in National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month you can look forward to these times.

The holiday season can be hard for some people with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s and related dementia. Things may not be like they used to be but that’s okay. It’s possible to make the holiday season enjoyable and memorable. You can certainly make great new memories.

Here is a helpful guide to navigating the holiday season with loves ones who have Alzheimer’s or related dementia.

It Starts With Planning

The first step is getting everyone in your family on board with a plan for this holiday season. It may not look like years past and that’s fine. You may be taking holiday festivities to places that work best for your loved one.

This may include celebrating at their assisted living facility. It’s important to put your loved one’s needs ahead of your own. Or anyone else in the family.

Be prepared to have smaller groups if that’s what’s best for your loved one. And they may need breaks, or shorter visits instead of larger groups or events.

Keep Flexibility at the Top of Your List

For those holiday lists you make, flexibility is important for your loved one with Alzheimer’s. You may have to be prepared to change plans or switch things up. Especially if there’s confusion with your loved one, or they get stressed out and agitated.

Just know that it’s not your fault and be prepared to switch gears. Keep in mind you are all in this journey together, especially during the holidays. You may end up doing things you didn’t plan for, such as singing or listening to music together, watching a movie, or simply enjoying the decorations.

However things turn out, it’s important for your loved one that you make the best of it. Change isn’t always easy, but be prepared for any outcomes this holiday season. You can make it an enjoyable, memorable season for you and your loved one.


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