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Nursing Home Or Assisted Living?

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When the time comes to choose between moving to an assisted living community or a nursing home, it’s important to know the differences so that you can make an informed decision that fits your unique needs. 

If you are making the decision for a loved one, knowing the key differences can help you make the decision that best fits with their lifestyle, desires, and needs. Contrary to popular belief, all senior living communities are different. There is no one best choice for every senior. 

Another common misconception is that senior living communities are nursing homes. In the past few decades, these two have become vastly different in experience, lifestyle, and levels of care. 

Uncovering the key differences between a nursing home and a senior living community, such as cost and amenities, will help you decide for yourself or a loved one which is the best option for your unique needs.

Defining Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are becoming more and more popular all the time. They are a great option for seniors that can no longer live safely on their own, but that want to retain their independence, social life, and activities as much as possible. 

These communities are typically well-loved by their residents and combat the negative stereotypes that seniors associate with moving into a “home.”

Assisted living communities provide a long-term option that seniors can call home. In fact, the best ones have private efficiency apartments for each senior that are thoughtfully-appointed with loads of safety features. 

The level of care is customized to each resident. If one senior needs help with activities of daily living (ADLs), senior living communities usually have nursing professionals on staff around-the-clock to ensure someone is always available to help out when needed. 

Most senior living communities also have a designated memory care community which is designed for safety and keeping residents with dementia content. The professional care team in each is highly-trained to provide compassionate, respectful care while helping you or your loved one maintain their autonomy as much as possible.

Senior living communities are notorious for their full activity calendar, social outings, fitness facilities and daily exercise classes, and their thoughtful amenities. Seniors can live out their golden years without a care in the world… as it should be! 

Who Is The Best Candidate For A Senior Living Community?

As mentioned above, senior living communities are great for seniors looking to keep their independence for as long as possible. Generally, these are the best fit for a senior living community:

  • Someone that does not require full-time medical care
  • Someone that requires assistance with daily tasks like eating or hygiene
  • Someone that can no longer keep up with home maintenance like lawn care
  • Someone that wants more time and opportunities to focus on their hobbies with like-minded peers
  • Someone who may be in good health, but knows their need for assistance will change soon

Defining Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are designed for seniors that require full-time monitoring and medical help. Thus, they are often also called skilled nursing facilities. They offer the highest level of care for older adults that don’t need to be hospitalized but are not able to retain their independence due to pressing medical needs. 

Those seniors requiring long-term care in a nursing home are often dealing with severe physical or mental conditions that require around-the-clock medical care. Many are often bedridden or bound to a wheelchair without the ability to move around without assistance. 

Additionally, nursing homes are typically only available to those seniors that are prescribed skilled nursing care by their doctor. Some even require a physical examination and even state approval before allowing a senior to take up residence. 

If you don’t believe that you or your loved one meets these criteria, it may be better to consider assisted living or another type of moderate care that better suits their needs. 

Who Is The Best Candidate For A Nursing Home?

Nursing homes are the perfect choice for seniors that need a high level of medical care on top of assistance with daily activities and other amenities. You might be a great candidate for nursing home care if you:

  • Suffer from chronic conditions or quickly-deteriorating health that requires consistent medical care
  • Cannot feed, bathe, or clothe yourself independently
  • Have difficulty moving from place to place without assistance
  • Had a serious recent injury such as a fall which requires significant rehabilitation

Each year, options for senior living grow and become more inclusive of the various types of lifestyles, hobbies, needs, and levels of care that seniors want. 

Whether you are making the decision for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to schedule a tour and experience each community for yourself so you can decide which one offers the activities, care, environment, amenities, and services that fit best with your needs and desires. 

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