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Supporting Your Loved Ones During the Holidays by Celebrating Milestones

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For family members and close friends of loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or related dementia, celebrating milestones may trigger anxiety. That’s understandable given that your loved one may struggle to join in with the celebration.

But maintaining a positive outlook, being grateful, and giving thanks for the little things are all part of the journey with people who have Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

Keeping milestones, anniversaries, and remembrances close and celebrating them is important even in the difficult times. While many things such as holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions may be challenging to participate in with loved ones with Alzheimer’s or related dementia, stick with it.

The little celebrations can help everyone have a sense of normalcy in a challenging time or season. It’s even a way to make new memories.

Creating a Positive Environment

Focus on the positive. That’s what health experts say as you enter the holidays with loved ones who deal with memory loss. It’s this time of year of celebrating holidays, special moments, anniversaries, or other milestones that can be a positive for seniors when loved ones are involved.

Celebrate the good times and good memories. Remember the notable events and achievements.

When you take the time to talk about and relive these good memories, milestones, and other key life events, you’re also helping loved ones with dementia to become engaged. Because they may struggle to start an activity or find things to do on their own, helping them with prompts about times or memories past gives them a boost.

A positive side effect of helping your loved one by reliving good memories, milestones, anniversaries, birthdays, or other events is that you’re helping their mental and physical health. You can bring pleasure to their life and help their moods with the recollections.

It might be a favored pet. We all have family traditions. What were yours? Maybe listening to old songs or watching favorite movies, even going for a walk, or looking through old photos. Find the things that bring joy.

Jump Right In

It’s understandable if loved ones feel awkwardness during these celebrations. But remember you’re doing it for your loved one — it’s about them. 

You can ease some anxiety or awkwardness by planning and inviting others to participate. Just keep in mind that what you’re doing will help your loved one and be there for them to bring joy in their lives and yours as well!

Most of all, happy holidays to you and your loved ones!


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