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Why You Should Move to a Senior Living Community in Winter

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For many people, winter is the time to hunker down and ride out the cold, ice, snow and long nights. 

The hazards that winter bring are many. The flu, colds, and other sicknesses, especially in the pandemic era. Roads and sidewalks sickened by ice, sleet, and snow. Just heading outside into the bone-chilling cold can be a dreadful thought. 

But the other aspect of winter that’s hard for many people is the isolation. Staying indoors — or being stuck inside due to weather, sickness, and other issues — can leave them lonely and missing friends and loved ones.

These all point to a solution for many people that the right time to move to a senior living community is winter. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself if moving to Auburn Hill Senior Living is a good move for you or your loved one or loved ones.

Making a safe move to a secure, friendly community brings benefits that go beyond short-term health and wellness. The long-term benefits are worth considering as well.

A Reason—and Season—to Move

Moving to a senior community such as Auburn Hill Senior Living is beneficial in many ways. Start with safety. The National Institute on Aging cites statistics that show one in three people age 65 and older fall each year. Winter makes things worse for falling, which is why the safety of a community such as Auburn Hill is enticing.

At Auburn Hill, you don’t have to worry about home maintenance. No more shoveling snow off your driveway, steps, or sidewalk, or throwing down salt.

We ensure a safe, caring community with cleared roads and sidewalks free of snow and ice. We also have medical experts ready to come to your aid should you need it.

A Community of Friends

At Auburn Hill, you won’t be isolated and alone. While you can enjoy privacy as you wish, you also have many opportunities to socialize with friends during the day. Exercise classes, games, other classes, meals, and other opportunities to socialize occur throughout the week.

Safety First

The safety of our residents is a top priority at Auburn Hill. During this global pandemic, we have testing and safety protocols in place to help keep our residents, staff, and visitors safe and healthy. 

It’s another reason of why moving to Auburn Hill in the winter season is a safe option. Plus, it can bring you peace of mind. And it’s also a way you can take charge of your life and enjoy this season of your life.


Senior living communities like Auburn Hill Senior Living are precisely that—a community. Residents become friends and even family, and a caring team is there to help them maintain their quality of life. 

At Auburn Hill Senior Living, we offer both Assisted Living and Memory Care and we care with Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Residents first and Teamwork. We like to call it Caring with H.E.A.R.T.™!

If you believe a senior living community would benefit your loved one, get in touch with us. Schedule a tour or download a brochure today!